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    What Is The AAOM?

    The AAOM is an Educational Organization dedicated to promoting and teaching skills in Orthopaedic Medicine. The AAOM is dedicated to providing education and research on diagnosis and non-surgical treatments of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. The Members of the AAOM are diverse, eclectic, evidence based, teachers, with Innovative and open minds; they are Researchers, Holistic, Integrative, and Experienced.

    What are the AAOM beliefs?

    The AAOM believes the body heals, and our job is to help body and self. The AAOM believes that appropriate treatment is based on accurate diagnosis. The AAOM believes in diagnosis and treatment, not just management of pain. The AAOM believes that research requires International cooperation and they believe in research and evidence based practices including investigational medicine.

    What does the AAOM promote?

    The AAOM promotes through education, patient centered treatment and disseminating knowledge of our unique skills and procedures to the medical profession and mentoring the medical profession. The AAOM educates the public and medical community on a wide array of nonsurgical treatments for NMSK pain and dysfunction. The AAOM promotes the expansion of knowledge and practical skills in identifying primary causes of NMSK dysfunction.

    Why join the AAOM?

    You won’t find a more open minded, accepting, yet evidence based group of medical professionals. The AAOM provides an exciting and innovative forum for new ideas. By joining the AAOM you will be immersed in excellent, cutting edge, training programs with the latest techniques for treating NMSK injuries. The AAOM is Inclusive, supportive and provides a camaraderie you will not find anywhere else.