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    Opportunities for Research

    Prolotherapy is a research-based field of medicine.  A variety of completed studies are available here. For a full list of current research opportunities or to discuss possible research options, please contact Dr. Reeves.

    The following listing of research (in process and in preparation) gives a flavor of what type of low-cost (but high-impact) research options are available. 


    ● Inexpensive preparation of platelet rich plasma  (Beaver, Oregon).  Primary investigator: Dr. Noel Peterson.  

    RESEARCH IN PRE-PUBLICATION PHASE   (Co-Designed/Facilitated by Dr. Reeves) 

    ● Effect of dextrose injection on knee cartilage  (Rosario, Argentina).  Primary investigator: Dr Gaston Topol. 

    ● Treatment of rotator cuff dysfunction by dextrose injection (Vancouver, B.C., Canada).  Primary investigator: Helene Bertrand.

    ● A study on how mannitol cream application may reduce pain. (Vancouver, B.C., Canada) Primary investigators Miguel Slullitel and Eziquiel Mailand.

    ● Injection of dextrose in the caudal epidural space: An alternative to steroid epidural  (Hilo, Hawaii).  Primary investigator: Dr. Liza Smigel. 


    ● Deltoid-Triceps Entrapment Syndrome: Treatment by Dextrose Injection (Buenos Aries, Argentina).  Primary investigators Miguel Slullitel and Ezequiel Mailand.

    ● Temporomandibular (jaw) dysfunction study  (Hong Kong, China).  Primary investigators: Dr. Regina Sit and Stanley K.H. Lam. 

    ● Temporomandibular (jaw) dysfunction study (Invermere, B.C., Canada).  Primary investigator: Dr. Francois Louw. 

    ● Temporomandibular (jaw) dysfunction study  (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Primary investigators: Drs. Miguel Zarate and Ricardo Frusso.