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  • Mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy is an interventional natural medicine technique.  It can be used for painful, as well as general medical conditions.  Mesotherapy can also be used for medical esthetics- to reduce cellulite, wrinkles, and in bodyshaping.  Dr. M. Pistor originated the technique of Mesotherapy in France in 1952.  It is commonly practiced in France, where more than 15,000 practitioners utilize Mesotherapy for the care of their patients.  There are far fewer practitioners in the United States, and there is no single certification process for performing the therapy.  It is a therapy commonly used with elite French athletes.

    Mesotherapy is effective for a multitude of conditions because it helps reverse the physiology of that condition.  Mesotherapy injections involve extremely small needles that penetrate the skin surface only a very small depth.  The specific agents used in the injection depend upon the pathophysiology of the disease process.  As most conditions have more than one contributing factor, combinations of different agents are commonly used.  For instance, if the mesoderm circulation is poor, a vasodilator is used; if excessive inflammation is present, an anti-inflammatory medication is used, or if inflammation/stimulation is needed; a fibroblast proliferating solution is injected.  Natural plant extracts are used whenever possible; however, traditional pharmacologic agents are sometimes required.

    There are many benefits to Mesotherapy because the technique applies the agents directly over the affected area rather than delivering it throughout the entire body.  This requires less medication to be used than in oral dosing.  It also limits medication side-effects and reduces the possibility of drug interactions. 
    Mesotherapy treatments are typically given every 7 to 10 days.  As improvement is seen, the treatments may be given less frequently, such as once every two weeks or once per month.  If quicker improvement is necessary, such as an athlete desiring to resume training or competition, treatments may be given twice per week.

    The number of Mesotherapy treatments needed depends upon many variables, including the condition, the abnormal physiology causing the condition, as well as the chronicity of the problem.  A minimum of three to five sessions of Mesotherapy are generally done to achieve the desired response.  Sports injuries and acute conditions may require only one to three therapy sessions.  Long-term, chronic conditions such as arthritis may require at least 15 sessions.