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    Lifetime Achievement Award - 2004 Robert G. Klein, M.D

    Doctor Klein is a Diplomate of the Board of Internal Medicine and is also Board certified in Rheumatology. His undergraduate training was at the University of California (Berkeley) where he graduatated phi beta kappa in 1965. He received his MD degree from Stanford University in 1969 and spent a year at the University of Colorado for medical internship before joining the US Public Health service for 2 years of duty on an indian reservation at Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

    He then continued his training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota from 1972-1976 where he was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in Internal Medicine and the Hench award for excellence in Rheumatology. While at the Mayo Clinic he became interested in clinical research and was involved in several studies dealing with inflammation of the arteries (temporal arteritis).

    He began practicing traditional internal medicine and rheumatology at the Sansum Medical Clinic in Santa Barbara in 1976, and he continued his practice at Sansum for 17 years. During his tenure at Sansum he heard about prolotherapy for the first time in 1984 and attended the inaugural meeting of the AAOM in Phoenix that year. Dr. Klein was initially skeptical that prolotherapy was truly effective, but after seeing the results first hand he became convinced that this was a valuable form of treatment that deserved the attention and respect of the medical community. After studying and mentoring with Milne Ongley and Bjorn Eek, Dr. Klein organized the first double blind trial of prolotherapy that was published in the Lancet. 1987 Jul 18;2(8551):143-6. An additional double blind study was published in the Journal of Spinal Disorders 1993 Feb;6(1):23-33.
    Dr Eek, a Board certified Orthopedic surgeon and AAOM member, joined Dr Klein at Sansum for 7 years before they moved into their current orthopedic medicine practice in Santa Barbara where they have been since 1993. Dr Klein and Dr Eek have continued to look for innovative ways to help treat spinal and peripheral joint pain. Most recently they have studied the use of intradiscal injections of a glucosamine and chondroitin and dextrose solution. This treatment looks very promising in many cases where all conservative treatments have failed and spinal fusion surgery is being contemplated. The pilot study was published in the Spine Journal: Spine J. 2003 May-Jun;3(3):220-6.

    Biochemical injection treatment for discogenic low back pain: a pilot study.
    Klein RG, Eek BC, O'Neill CW, Elin C, Mooney V, Derby RR.

    The AAOM has been instrumental in fostering research and in helping to promote the use of prolotherapy and other innovative treatments that are not traditionally taught in medical schools. Dr Klein has been proud to be an AAOM member since the inaugural meeting in 1984 and has contributed to the scientific body of knowledge that supports prolotherapy as a useful treatment approach.

    Spine J. 2003 May-Jun;3(3):220-6.
    Biochemical injection treatment for discogenic low back pain: a pilot study.
    Klein RG, Eek BC, O'Neill CW, Elin C, Mooney V, Derby RR.

    J Spinal Disord. 1993 Feb;6(1):23-33
    A randomized double-blind trial of dextrose-glycerine-phenol injections for chronic, low back pain.
    Klein RG, Eek BC, DeLong WB, Mooney V.

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