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    Lifetime Achievement Award - 2003 Kent Pomeroy, M.D (Deceased)

    Dr. Pomeroy is a Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and of the American Board of Pain Medicine. He was born in 1935 in Phoenix, Arizona. Kent graduated from Arizona State University in 1960 with a B.S. in Physical Sciences. In 1963, Dr. Pomeroy graduated from the University of Utah, School of Medicine with an M.D. degree. He completed a rotating internship at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix in 1964 and a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the same institution in 1969. From 1964 through 1966, Dr. Pomeroy served as Medical Officer in the U.S. Army. 

    Upon graduation from his residency, he began a private practice in Tucson, where he started the Rehabilitation Department at St. Mary’s Hospital. He returned to Good Samaritan in 1970 and remained on the full time staff at the Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Dr. Pomeroy became the Assistant Medical Director and the Residency Training Director there, and served in these capacities until he was back into private practice in 1976.
    A strong interest in locomotive system pathology and pain problems led him to study manipulative medicine, acupuncture and prolotherapy. In 1979 – 1983, he was the president of the Prolotherapy Association and was given the responsibility, by the Board, to organize a larger organization with a broader scope. Kent co-founded The American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine and was the Secretary/Treasurer of the AAOM from 1983 – 1988. He was the President from 1988 – 1990, and was the program chairman and coordinator for many of the national meetings during his seven years as an officer.

    Always believing that his patients are entitled to the best quality of life that is possible in the safest and most natural way possible, Dr. Pomeroy studied Homeopathic Medicine and obtained a Diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy. He then obtained his second license to practice in the State of Arizona in 1997, a Homeopathic license.

    Dr. Pomeroy is a frequent Lecturer on the topics of Anatomy, Neuromuscular Physiology, Orthopedic Medicine, Prolotherapy/Sclerotherapy, Joint Biomechanics, Manipulation of the spine and the extremities, Exercise, Nutrition, Longevity and natural methods of pain control.

    NOTE: For more information, please contact the AAOM, 600 Pembrook Drive, Woodland Park, CO 80863, 800-992-2063.