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    Chronic LBP DEX: Yelland et al (2004)

    Yelland MJ, Glasziou PP, Bogduk N, et al: Prolotherapy injections, saline injections, and exercises for chronic low-back pain: A randomized trial. Spine 29(1):9, 2004.

    Dr. Reeves' Notes:  The fourth RCT in chronic low back pain was reported in 2004 and designed by an experienced physician in Brisbane. This study, like the previous studies, had no placebo arm, but compared needling of ligament attachments to bone to doing the same thing but with dextrose 20% included in the solution. Substantial and sustainable important improvements in pain and function were demonstrated by both injection groups. Highlighted by this study is the importance of the beneficial effect of needling alone and that needling is not a placebo intervention.

    A PDF version of the complete study on Chronic LBP DEX is available here.

    An abstract of the study on Chronic LBP DEX is available here.