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    Chronic LBP DEX: Hooper et al (2004)

    Hooper RA; Ding M Retrospective case series on patients with chronic spinal pain treated with dextrose prolotherapy J Altern Complement Med (United States), Aug 2004, 10(4) p670-4

    Dr. Reeves' Notes:  177 consecutive patients with chronic spinal pain were injected with dextrose 20% in facet capsule at affected levels as determined by palpation. (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) Iliolumbar and SI ligaments injected in those with low back pain. Weekly injection up to 3 within a 1 month period. Outcome measures included levels of pain, ADL and work ability on a 5 point scale each. 91% had reduced pain, 84% had improvement in work ability and 85% could do self care more easily. 

    An abstract of the study on Chronic LBP DEX is available here.