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    AAOM Educational Philosophy

    In all of the AAOM Educational endeavors, the AAOM strives to provide students with:

    • The best and most experienced instructors
    • A low student to instructor ratio for individualized attention
    • The best instruction about prolotherapy both as a treatment methodology; with emphasis on anatomy, needle skills and as a specific treatment using 15 - 25% dextrose
    • An understanding of the treatment methodology of prolotherapy, which will facilitate having greater success with other injection therapies including PRP and Stem Cell injections
    • When to use and how to use prolotherapy as a standalone treatment, or as a combined or layered treatment with subcutaneous perineural injections, interventional spine techniques, PRP, and manual medicine
    • An understanding of the mechanisms of healing with prolotherapy and when it may be a good or even the only option for treatment
    • Fundamental instruction about prolotherapy grounded in the basics of anatomy and diagnosis of MSK pain
    • Accurate MSK diagnostic skills, which is actually the cornerstone of our training in prolotherapy; we provide the techniques and understanding that only through proper diagnosis can it be determined why a patient is in pain and if and when prolotherapy may be a good treatment option.

    The AAOM Prolotherapy Education Core Philosophy - Prolotherpy is a very powerful tool that we are placing in your care to use when the diagnosis warrants; use it safely, properly and you and your patients will benefit greatly!

    Join us in learning one of the most rewarding procedures in all of Medicine - Prolotherapy. This technique allows you to be the healer you set out to be when you went to medical school.