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    AAOM Annual Workshop AGENDA
    AAOM Logo2015 AAOM Annual Workshop
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    AAOM Annual Workshop Pre–Event Day — Offering Two Workshops

    Pre–Event Workshop 1
    Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT) with John A. Lyftogt, MD

    8:00 am
    Introduction to Neuropathic Pain
    8:30 am
    History, Definition
    9:15 am
    Physiology, Pathology
    10:30 am – Break
    10:45 am
    Introduction to Neuropathic Pain – Anatomy
    12:00 pm – Lunch
    1:00 pm
    Treatment Protocols
    1:45 pm
    Demonstration of Achilles tendon, Knees, Backs and Shoulders
    3:00 pm – Break
    3:15 pm
    Treatment Protocols and Demonstration continued
    3:45 pm
    Questions and Answers

    Pre–Event Workshop 2
    Upper Extremity Diagnostic Ultrasound Workshop with Brian Shiple, DO

    8:00 am – Intro and US Physics
    8:30 am – Dx US of the Shoulder
    9:15 am – Dx US of Elbow
    10:30 am – Break
    10:45 am – Scan Elbow and Shoulder
    12:00 pm – Lunch
    1:00 pm – Dx US of Hand and Wrist
    1:45 pm – Scan Hand and Wrist
    3:00 pm – Break
    3:15 pm
    Scan Upper Extremity misc. Bonus Brachial Plexus demo
    3:45 pm – Question and Answer
    Comprehensive Interventional Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine Workshop
    7:45–8:00 am: Welcome, Brad Fullerton, MD
    8:00–8:45am: Prolotherapy, PRP, & Stem Cells in Private Practice, Mayo Friedlis, MD
    8:45–9:15 am: State of the Art Prolotherapy Research, Dean Reeves, MD
    9:15–10:00 am: More Possibilities for PRP, Stem Cells and Beyond, Michael Brown, MD, DC
    10:00–10:30 am: Morning Break
    10:30–11:15 am: Cutting Edge Research and the Future of Orthopedic Medicine, Mark Erwin, DC, PhD
    11:15–11:45 am: Essential Radiology for the Cervical Spine and Shoulder Girdle, David Harshfield, MD
    11:45–12:30 am: Stem Cells; Fat vs Bone Marrow, Chris Centeno, MD
    12:30–1:30 pm: Lunch
    1:30–2:00 pm: The use of Ozone in Orthopedic Medicine, John Finkenstadt, MD
    2:00–2:30 pm: Understanding Neuropathic Pain, John Lyftogt, MD
    2:30–3:15 pm: Biologic Scaffold in Clinical Practice, Michael Scarpone, DO
    3:15–3:45 pm: Afternoon Break
    3:45–4:30 pm: The Whiplash Syndrome, Bjorn Eek, MD
    4:30–5:00 pm: The Shoulder Girdle in Sport & Work Injuries, Brian Shiple, DO
    5:00–5:45 pm: Elbow, Wrist, & Hand in Trauma, Overuse & Degeneration, Tommy Bond, MD
    Clinical Demonstrations and Live Patient Procedures
    6:00–8:00 pm
    Brad Fullerton, MD
    Mayo Friedlis, MD
    Bjorn Eek, MD
    Paul Lieber MD
    Tom Ravin, MD
    Biologic Scaffolds:
    Michael Brown, MD
    Michael Scarpone, DO
    PRP w/ ultrasound guidance:
    Jonathan Fenton, DO
    Tommy Bond, MD
    Andrew Kochan, MD
    Brian Shiple, DO
    Perinerual Injection Treatment (PIT):
    John Finkenstadt, MD
    John Lyftogt, MD
    Manual Therapy:
    Joel Berenbeim, DO
    Lab Areas

    Rotation One = 8:00 am – 10:30 am
    Break = 10:30 am – 11:00 am
    Rotation Two = 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
    Lunch = 1:30 – 2:30 pm
    Rotation Three = 2:30 – 5:00 pm
    Student Population is divided into 3 workgroups and they rotate through each lab area.

    Workshop Area 1:
    Station 1: Cadaver 1 – Cervical Spine with Fluoroscopy, Michael Brown, DC, MD
    Station 2: Cadaver 2 – Thoracic Spine with Fluoroscopy, Paul Lieber, MD and Mayo Friedlis, MD
    Station 3: Cadaver 3 – Shoulder Girdle, Tom Ravin, MD
    Station 4: Cadaver 4 – Elbow, Wrist, & Hand, Tommy Bond, MD
    Station 5: Cadaver 5 – Bone Marrow Aspiration, Chris Centeno, MD
    Workshop Area 2:
    1. Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Injuries, Jonathan Fenton, DO and David Harshfield, MD
    2. Topical Anatomy of the Cervical & Thoracic Spinal Regions (Markings), Andrew Kochan, MD
    3. Topical Anatomy of the Shoulder Girdle, Elbow, Wrist, & Hand, Michael Scarpone, DO
    Workshop Area 3:
    1. Physical Examination of the Neck, Back, Shoulder Girdle, & Upper Extremities, Joel Berenbeim, DO & Janine Talty, DO
    2. Needles, Solutions, & Injection Therapies, Complications and Safety, Bjorn Eek, MD, Mark Erwin, DC, PhD, Ken Knott, MD, and Brad Fullerton, MD
    3. 2. Perinerual Injection Treatment (PIT), John Lyftogt, MD, and John Finkenstadt, MD